We take pride in our one of a kind creations.  We specialize in costuming, distressing, and character design.  At ReComposed Designs, not only do we ensure product quality, but we ensure longevity of our items to withstand your haunt season.  ReComposed Designs uses a wide range of techniques to add layer and depth to your costume.  Not to mention, we focus on the details with each character’s accessories.  Every year, we promise to bring you a new line of Icon Characters, while still making our classics available for purchase.  We strive to make something for everyone; and we hope you’ll love our costumes as much as we do.



At ReComposed Designs, we understand that haunters look forward to scaring your customers; but that traditional masks can be uncomfortable and difficult to wear for hours on end.  We’ve come up with our own line of masks that are truly like no other.  Our masks are comfortable and lightweight, and the wearer can scare all night long without discomfort.  We specialize in mixed media masks that are solidly made with latex.  Each mask is hand-painted and can be customized for your personal character styling.


ReComposed Designs specializes in the following:

  • Character Design
  • Distressing
  • Costuming
  • Mask Making

Why choose ReComposed Designs for all of your costuming and character design needs?

Layering and attention to detail. We give you more bang for your buck. It’s our promise that your costume will not only come highly detailed, but it will be accompanied by all of the little things that make your character complete. Look good, feel good, haunt GREAT! We care how you scare!


Thank you for your trust in ReComposed Designs and allowing us to become part of your show through our passion of costume design.

Please note the Following:


  • In most cases RD distresses and alters existing garments to make one of kind costumes. Sizing, color and material are subject to change pending availability.
  • Due to the nature of the distressing process, RD is not responsible for any damages to the garments we provide. Any and all rips, tears or shreds will be considered general wear and tear.
  • RD reserves the right to deny any replacement of garments based on the facts above. All issues should be submitted in the first 7 days of order arrival.

Costume Care:

(Hand wash separately only)

While we do not advise Machine washing, if you must, please only wash in cold water (1 garment at a time) on gentle cycle, with light detergent and hang dry.

  • “Theater spray”- 1 part vinegar or Vodka, 3 parts water. This spray will help remove odor from garments.
  • Fabreeze or Lysol disinfecting spray. These two will also help with odor and help stop the spread of germs or “haunt ick”.
  • Always hang costume when finished wearing it.